Finally -- after far too many delays -- UN-free Zones and local committees are forming all over the country!  And we need help as we are getting lots of inquiries and don't always know where to send those who ask.  For that reason, we have agreed to help send volunteers to a local committee, as soon as you have one in your county.  The goal is that they will function much as the Committees of Correspondence did in 1774-75 -- creating heat and light for an American experiment in Liberty.  Our task is no less formidable:  Restoring Liberty.

We are now accepting applications for the following positions:
  • Point of Contact - will serve as the catalyst to get people together and form a committee in your community or county.

  • County Chair - willing to serve as the chairman, or a member on your county committee.

  • State Organizer - willing to help organize other committees around your state.
Please understand that all positions are as unpaid volunteers, and all expenses borne will belong to the local committees, because there is no national organization with a large budget.  This is a loose network of volunteers trying to save our national sovereignty, with the strategy of generating heat from the bottom to the top of our governmental structures, and using the specific tactic of passing or declaring UN-free Zone ordinances, resolutions and proclamations.

Click here and sign-up

Now, as Dr. Laura says, "Go and do the right thing."  (And tell a friend.)